Today as I was driving to work I noticed how beautiful the sky looked.  I am blessed to have the privilege of living on Kauai.

With all the Stoicism I have been reading lately, it really made me think about the things I should be grateful for.  I do get caught up in thinking about money, work, and tons of other little things that sometimes I think mean a lot but in reality they don’t.


I’m grateful for my loving wife

I’m grateful to be living on Kauai

I’m grateful to be an American

I’m grateful to have a job

I’m grateful to be able to see

I’m grateful to be able to walk

I’m grateful to have my cognitive ability

I’m grateful for the people that allow me to coach them

I’m grateful for the tough times I’ve had because they have made me strong


I bet I could go on and on.   It’s surprising that if we actually stop, and give ourselves time to think, how many things will come up.

Go ahead and just stop.  Seriously.  Give it a try.


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